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Pack size....

Hi guys;
        just a quick question for you all who are either doing or have done
a thru-hike:  what would you recommend for an internal frame pack size?
Looking for something to replace my Osprey Isis (only 4300cu.in.).  The
Osprey Amelia (4800cu.in, but still not enough I think..), Silhouette
(5200cu.in.) and Access (6000cu.in) are my choices.  I don't want to end up
having to hang all my gear off the outside of my pack and looking like a
one-woman gypsy caravan, but also don't want to hear my gear rattling around
in my pack from too much space....  Any ideas?  Thanks!

Take care,
Cindi (who will be lucky to *ever* make up her mind....) :)