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Re: [AT-L] Re: [AT-L] me back

Charles W Davidson wrote:
> Home again this weekend. I hated when obligations like work keep me of
> the trail.
>  Maybe I can make a 4 day hike next weekend though.  I am busy working on
> those food drop plans etc for my 1997 thru hike...celebrating the "60
> Year anniversary" of the
> Appalachian Trail!
> http://www.neocomm.net/~cdavidso
> wb4pan@juno.com
> wb4pan@wb4qoj.va.usa.noam
> ATC....ALDHA...APRS.....AT-Listserve
> Georgia>97>Maine   Chase
Hi Chase,
    Gary here... ' N8FCF ' yeah we spotted that ole ham call! hihi..
getting ready for a 97 thru hike also. Curious as to whether or not you
will be taking any radio equipment with you. I plan on taking my dual
band ht that has a battery pack for regular AA cells instead of
recharging, " would be hard to do on the trail "hihi... With that and a
repeater book it could make slack packing into town a little easier.
Been noticing some other hams on here...just look for 'em ...like we
always say 'best 73's' Gary....  GA > ME 97 Yeah! 'work dem legs'!