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Re: Me back, too Plus Some Questions

I guess this might be the one case where a
"me too" response _might_ be acceptable :-)
Thanks to Alice (ilfltlndr) for the alert.

The same thing happened to me a while back
on another mailing list...which was also running
ListProcessor v6.0...wonder if there's a bug?
That one was more pernicious, though, because
it kept 'postponing' on an irregular but frequent
rate.  I wound up sending a daily 'ping' to that
list in order to minimize the number of lost messages.
It may not be a bad idea to do the same thing here.

Question for the PCT-L'ers:  did the same thing
happen to the PCT list?  Just curious.

This is really a question for Ryan, but I'll pose it
to the list as a whole...I have a copy of the at-l
subscription list from two days ago.  Would it be
worthwhile to try to contact everyone on the
list to let them know what happened to at-l?
The mechanics of such an undertaking aren't too
bad (I've already converted the list into a form my
mailer understands, 'tho my confidence isn't one
hundred percent because I've never dealt with
such a large list.  There are over 400 subscribers
to at-l).  While it would be list-related, I don't think
it's appropriate for anyone other than the list
administrator to send administrivia messages to
the entire list.  I'm also concerned with the ethical
problems posed by what amounts to third-party use
of the subscriber list.

Looking forward to some pearls of wisdom...