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Re: phones in Baxter

> In response to annoyance calls, a form of
> Yankee call-blocking is catching on: the
> Randolph (N.H.) Mountain Club now prohibits
> cell phones at its cabins on nearby Mount
> Adams.

I think it has more to do with the fact that the
typical RMC'er is pretty cantankerous and something
of a traditionalist :-)  They still tell stories of some
of the "discussions" which took place during some
of the early (ca. 1912) club meetings.

There was another case just recently on Mount
Washington where someone went out underprepared
for conditions, got lost, hypothermic, etc., and
used a cell phone to call for help.  Technology has
always been something of a substitute for judgement
(synthetic insulation, Gore-Tex, etc.), so what we're
seeing is the result of a previous trend taken to it's
logical conclusion.

When this topic first came up, the first thing that
came to mind was Baxter's ban on radios, which was
part of the original covenant from ol' Percival
himself (forward-looking guy!)  I guess it's been

RMC member