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A list member makes "Backpacker"

Hey, Ginny Owen! You're famous. In the December 96 issue of "Backpacker" 
magazine, in an article titled "The Name of the Game", author John Luck 
discusses AT Trail names. You are mentioned in the following passage: 

"Then there are the Zen, crypto-spiritual, New Agers sporting names like 
'Spirit Walker', 'Vision Questor', and 'Dharma Mama'". 

Gee, you didn't seem like a Zen, crypto-spiritual, New Ager to me when we 
square danced. Now, I think Jim sort of did, but Bald Eagle really isn't New 
Age is it? Tell him to watch out for the flame wars on the PCT list. Looks 
like he's heading for one. Pax. (is that a new age expression?)

Peter H. Fornof

"Strider" (this is not new age, but is from a fantasy)