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Re: Where is everyone?

Jim, you don't have to bother answering my email because I am leaving.  Won't
be back until the 27th.  We are backpacking in VA going north from Grayson
Highlands @ Massey Gap.  Then we are going to relook at some property that
has interested us in NC near Hot Springs.  It's hard to get everything in in
a week's time.  I am afraid to unsubscribe or postpone my mail for a week
from the at-l  :-)   It's scary!  I may never get back on, or some such.  I
am just hoping that I don't loose a lot of mail by being gone, but I don't
think I will.  I remember reading that the online service only keeps so many
hundred messages then begins deleting them.  Whatever, I am  not going to
tinker around with the list right now.

You  have a good weekend too!

IL Fltlndr@aol.com