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Re: [AT-L] Re: [AT-L] Re: Where is everyone?

 Roly -

>I was in Shenandoah, but I was camped at Big Meadows with a friend that
>weekend and slack-packing (I presume this is the weekend after Memorial
>day), I left Shenandoah Sunday evening and stayed in the first shelter
>north of there for the night). I saw one of your posts in one of the log
>books from the weekend before and thought I missed you.  I don't recall
>having met you. I believe I was the only Nomad this year...around that
>time is when they found the bodies of the two women as well I believe...we
>can take this off-line if you'd like.

Not a big deal - we were in SNP feeding thruhikers both Memorial Day
weekend and the weekend after.  I thought I remembered a Nomad somewhere
in there, but it might have been that we saw a register entry someplace.
As I said, the first thing that goes is the memory.

Have a good weekend -

Walk softly,