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Re: [AT-L] New Member

Thanks Gypsy (Marty),
I look forward to it...this group seems like a great thing.  I hope to
be leaving early March...I heard it's best to get either an early start
or late start if you want some shelter space.  I only hope it ius not
too crowded.  The biggest reason for my trip is to get away and figure
out what the #$@#%$@$%^ I am going to do with the rest of my life...etc.
Look forward to hearing back
St. Francis

MManzano@aol.com wrote:
> In a message dated 96-10-17 15:44:24 EDT, Alan wrote:
> << I am intending the thru-hike in March (dependant upon $$$ and healthy
>  legs) and would love to get to know cyberly any and all who might be on
>  the trail.  I am planning to go GA to ME,  >>
> Hi Alan and welcome.  I'm planning to leave Springer around the 1st of March
> and finish sometime in September.  When everything gets back to normal on the
> AT-L we can all get acquainted.
> Martha (Marty) Manzano
> Gypsy