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Re: Where is everyone?

Welcome back - and congratulations.

You might want to save your comments until the whole list is up.
At the moment I think there may be a dozen of us here - the server went
down and put everyone in postpone mode.  A few of us have managed to
get back on, but most of the list is still "blind" - they probably think the
list is down and they're waiting for Ryan to bring it back up.  In fact, it's
more down that I thought it was - I'm supposed to be in 'Ack" mode and
I'm not getting return messages.  Maybe later.

Next question - where were you on June 1/2 ??  I have a vague recollection
of meeting a Nomad at one of the shelters in the Shenandoah.  But then - the
memory is the first thing to go, isn't it?

Talk to you later.

Walk softly,

>Good question...I'm finally on line again after spending the summer
>thru-hiking looking forward to the lively discussion that was here before
>I left in March (I have some comments for Bald Eagle that I feel I can
>pass along now that I too have completed a thru-hike).
>Looking forward to hearing from others.
>ROly  (Nomad)