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DP&Gang Hike into Grayson Highlands

David P. Dusenbury wrote:
> Mark Holmes made for a pretty good shuttle.  He was on time, and had no
> problem in finding us at the 52 parking lot.

I met Mark and his wife Sat. and found them both to be very friendly and 
typical Hoosiers. My only complaint was that he didn't offer me coffee 
<G> or birthday cake (You didn't know it, but I was turning 34 right in 
front of you). They have a great place up on the hill. Highly recommended 
 as a stop for hikers or car campers. I'll definitely stay there in the 
> I stopped by our car today (Sun) to get a couple of things I needed.
> Our Buick wagon was OK, but the VW 4-door beside us had a window busted
> out since we were there last.  

I was there Sat. a.m. and the VW was fine. Musta been some drunken yahoo 
Sat. night.
> Another not-so-nice person:  We overnighted behind the NRA headquarters
> on Va. 16.  Around midnight, we heard a car coming slow up the highway.
> About the time he got close we heard BLAM BLAM BLAM BLAM BLAM.  A couple of yahoos out shooting highway signs. 

God Bless the NRA.

> Met several southbounders, (5 or 6) but no names since we were all in a
> hurry, us to make miles, them to beat snow further south.  Talked to 
>one for a little bit, a strong british-sounding accent, but had a kangaroo thinger on his shoulder strap, so may have been Australian.  
Sorry, no name, but some of you 96'ers may recognize this vague 
I met this group Sat. night at Thomas K. The Aussie was from Sydney. Name 
Wombat. The others: Surefoot, McGoos, Rockhopper (the girls) and Red, 
Foo-Foo (sp?), and Mad Dog. Nice guys all (of course). I went to Damascus 
for some grease at Dairy King. I went to The Place to leave a note for 
these guys. I left my e-mail address, and not my real address. What have 
I become???