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Re:[AT-L] DP&Gang Hike into Grayson Highlands

At 10:10 PM 10/13/96 -0500, you wrote:
>> Just thought I would let the list know that DP Dusenbury and buddies (Ralph
>> and Mack) have been deposited at Massey Gap in the middle of the Grayson
>> Highlands for their hike to Bastien.  Hit the trail around 1:00 p.m. today
>> on a rather cold and blustery day, but sunny with spectacular fall colors!
>> I think once they hit the top of the ridge there at Massey Gap, the wind
>> might carry them all the way back to North Carolina.  They were looking
>> psyched for the trip!  DP left that 400mm bazooka lens at home though -
>> smart move, I would say. I think his Olympus XA will be a tad lighter.
>> Mark
>> (Shuttle man in the Grayson Highlands!)
>Mark dropped us off around 1pm, we made camp at Chestnut Flats (13 mi)
>Thur, then camped at the Mt Rogers NRA HQ on Fri (20.5 mi).  We made 12
>to Atkins for a late lunch, where I bailed.  I realized I made that
>decision too soon, 'cause when I called in for my messages, I had a
>client with an emergency anyway, and would have had to go back home for
>Mark Holmes made for a pretty good shuttle.  He was on time, and had no
>problem in finding us at the 52 parking lot.

>Fall colors are fanatastic, the hickorys especially are vibrant yellow
>this weekend.  More color at the higher elevations in GHSP, another few
>days needed in the lower elevations further north.

>Mac and Ralph (fellow lister) are headed on to Bland.  When we parted
>ways yesterday, they planned to make Davis Path Shelter, then back on
>the itinerary of 19.8 Sunday and 16.8 Monday.  Well, that's what they
>think.  When he wrote out the itinerary, Mac left off 8 or 9 miles from
>Va. 615 to the US 52 parking area.  :(  Guess they'll just be surprised. 
Mac and I are back also. Got to the car at 11:30 Tuesday. We made Chestnut
Knob shelter Sunday and Va. 615 Monday. I'm really glad Mac left off those 8
or 9 miles to the car because the trail was beautiful Tuesday morning. There
was a golden glow on the sunny sides of the hollows almost like walking into
a different world. We had an awsome hike with geat views, beautiful color,
long days, and great shuttle service. Thanks Mark.