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Raichle Spirit II's

Has anyone on the list worn Raichle Spirit II's from REI?  I know, I know, 
people's feet and experiences are going to differ, but I still want to get 
people's opinions.  

I tried on a pair yesterday (on sale!) and walked around the store with them on 
and was pleased with them.  The salesman told me that they were heavy enough to 
wear for a week or two at a time, but when I got home and checked the REI 
catalog, it recommended the same boot for only 2-4 days at a time.  I'll be 
doing only some weekend hiking for now (and I have to drive to Houston to do 
that!) but hope to do maybe a week or two on the AT next summer, if I can.  I 
want to plan for the future and buy a medium-weight boot that I CAN wear if the 
opportunity does present itself next summer to do some longer hiking.  I don't 
want the boots to fall apart after 4 days on the trail, though.  I'm just 
concerned that the salesman was just gunning for some commission out of me by 
telling me they'd work for a few weeks!

I've searched the net for info or gear reviews without much luck.  I did find 
the Raichle home page, but considering the company is located in Switzerland 
and English is my one and only language, it didn't do me much good!  Has anyone 
had any experience with these boots?  Feel free to respond to me directly if 
you want, to keep list traffic down.  Thanks, everyone!