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Re: [AT-L] snowshoes

At 11:04 AM 10/14/96 -0500, you wrote:
>There was a good 2 inches of snow in the Whites this weekend.  Therefore...
>I'm looking for some expertise about snowshoes.  Never had 'em, never wanted
This is not expert advise. I am normally a pinhead but I have been on snow
shoes and it is really fun at a slower clip or I should say at a less slidy
clip. In trees and scrub itis definetly more fun than scissoring skis back
and forth around deadfalls and maple saplings. If you can get your hands on
the new MSR catalog they have come out with some that would fit your price
sensitivity and being molde out of probably lexan with some steel parts have
cut down the cost from the web/stitch and frame models like Tubbs and Atlas
which as I recall over shoot your mark. I am definetely going to get a pair
this year. We go out to Montana each year to XC and several years it has
been piss poor skiing (in the rain and sleet on some days) but would have
been dandy snow shoeing. MSR Denalis may be available in stores also catalog
price varied with model  of 150-180 as I recall. Dr Dolittle who reminds you
all that snow is on the way and "Let the wild rumpus start!!"