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Re: [AT-L] curious about contacts

I found that _daily wear disposable_ contacts worked just fine this summer 
on my latest long section hike.

Virtually the only thing I had to go out of my way to do was to wash my 
hands each morning to insert a new pair. This never was a problem.

They have some other advantages, namely - 
	- if you lose one, so what?
	- no real need for fluids of any kind, 'though I carried wetting 
drops just in case they felt dry. They never did.
	- they're light, even a bunch of them. I put ten pairs or so in 
each mail drop.
	- new lenses every day means cleaner lenses, less irritation.

I honestly can't think of any disadvantages, unless it's cost. I don't 
like to sleep with contacts in, so I wouldn't consider any other kind.

Cost, BTW, is about $180 per pair.   

- Jim

On Mon, 14 Oct 1996 althea@utxvms.cc.utexas.edu wrote:

> Hi, I'm a mewbie and I was wondering if anyone wears contacts and hauls 
> all that solution stuff around on a long hike or even the thru hike. I have 
> pretty thick glasses that are kinda cumbersome. Is the convenience  worth 
> the weight? Any advice? 
> Thanks. 
> 					Forever Foureyes 
> 						ALF