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Re: [AT-L] The Gathering

                             Just got back from the "Gathering". I may
never get over the Gathering! It was fantastic. I met so many nice
people. I debated a long time on gong hiking on my four day weekend, or
driving way up to PA. I had so much fun and the information  (overload) 
was so intense, I feel like it lasted a week!   Hey Gutsy and Raven
"where  you folks? It seems like most of the class of 97 I met are
already on the AT-L. We should be getting a few new subscribers from the
"Gathering" Most of us AT-L ers made a habit of mentioning the listserve
                   The slide shows I saw were all so great. It was easy
to share in the intense feelings that many of the speakers and slide show
providers must have had from seeing and sharing their presentations. Many
"Tears of Joy" at both Katahdin and Springer mountains.  So much
information and point of views about all subjects, even some politics he
	Meeting and having dinner with the AT-L folks made me feel even
more at home. Thanks for sharing your time with me, Bleeder Guy, Peter,
Rachel, Tarkus, Marty, Sandy, .....duhh I am shure I`ll remember more
names just as soon as I hit the send button. Special thanks to my
Chauffeur and fellow Ham Radio operator Bleeder Guy, it was nice not to
have to drive while shuttling back and forth between the school and
campground areas.

Georgia>97>Maine   Chase