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97 thru-hike

In a message dated 96-10-14 10:42:38 EDT, you write:

<< > adk 44er (finishing next weekend!!!)
 Don't forget the Champagne and strawberries at the top (which two?) 
allen (ugh, of course)
and rocky ridge--going to finish via new russia...supposed to be one of the
prettiest trails up there.

pretty psyched to be (almost) done--i've hiked a total of 62 peaks this
summer, 56 of which have been 4000+ (lots of repeaters)!   sorry u can't be
here to enjoy fall--this was the last weekend for leaves in the mts.

took my first canoe trip ever this weekend on long lake (with quick trips
down the cold and raquette rivers)--we came across a raft of loons (20-30 in
one spot) and had a coyote in our camp (sounded like he was IN the lean-to),
baying his fool head off in the middle of the night.  neat stuff!

with quads of steel, tendonitis and a well worn set of gear...