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Re: [AT-L] curious about contacts

>Hi, I'm a mewbie and I was wondering if anyone wears contacts and hauls 
>all that solution stuff around on a long hike or even the thru hike. I have 
>pretty thick glasses that are kinda cumbersome. Is the convenience  worth 
>the weight? Any advice? 
>					Forever Foureyes 
>						ALF
do you have sensitive eyes? do you freak out at the thought of even 
touching your bare eyeball? any infections? intense, gruesome pain
if any little particle enters into the eye and tortures you for
hours on end? if so, contacts might be difficult to use since it will
be necessary to clean them evry night, taking them out and in often. which 
adds the problem of having clean hands... glasses might be better, but they 
can break and fog up in the rain.
if you are like me and your eyes are not at all sensitive, try two week 
disposable contacts. wear them all the time, clean them every few days, put
eyedrops in daily, and change them when in town (i.e. when you are cleanest).
at any sign of irritaion take them out. i accidently scratched my eye at 
hogback ridge shelter and had to take a contact out and left the other in. my 
balance was screwed up. no matter what, bring extra contacts, a liitle 
solution, a case, and exta pair of glasses. not that much weight and
you'll enjoy the trip.

--christeena the nearsighted