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Re: [AT-L] 97 thru-hike

In a message dated 96-10-11 13:37:58 EDT, you write:

<<  Is anybody else out there planning a '97 trip?  Can anyone 
 offer advice on brands and styles of boots? >>

hi ryan--
my name is alisa and i've been actively collecting names and info of 97
thru-hikers thru this list.  the info gets put on a list and redistributed
when updated.  if you'd like to be on it, email me personally with your bio
and i'll send out a copy back.  this goes for any new subscribers planning on
trekking in '97!  
hope everyone is hiking their way through an unbelieveably gorgeous fall--we
here in ny are loving this last hurrah before the big W arrives.
peace, love and low-fat chocolate pop-tarts.
ga-->me '97
adk 44er (finishing next weekend!!!)