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More Gathering

I knew if I started listing people, I would forget some! Great time Saturday 
night with Jim and Ginny (B.Eagle/Spiritwalker). Ginny coaxed me into square 
dancing and I had a blast. Haven't done that (sq. dance) since grade school. 
And, in this particular dance, I got to dance with all the girls! Fun. 

Beautiful weather here. Got out on the trail today (skipped a few 
workshops)and hiked into the Darlington Shelter. Met a couple of 
southbounders who were going to stop in Va. Very delightful section of the 
trail with both woods/meadow walking. Scared up a grouse, or more like he 
scared me when he exploded in front of me. 

Back to St. Louis tomorrow, after Warren Doyle slide show tonight.

Peter H. Fornof