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Re: [AT-L] Re: General Survey and FAQ

On Sun, 13 Oct 1996, Jim Loudon wrote:

> >
> >We could put Jim Loudon's excellent pack fitting article in there. 
> >
> Modesty and a desire to set the record straight compel me to point
> out that the excellent pack fitting article wasn't mine...the referenced
> article was put together by Jeff Mosenkis and reposted to the list at
> his request.  I also have a copy of the equally wonderful pack fitting
> article by Charlie Thorpe in one of these computers around here.  I'll
> dig it out and pass it along.
> jim
> jloudon@juno.com
I'm touched - I was going to let it go. :-)

Jeffrey Mosenkis         MAPSS Student          University of Chicago
              *Freelance Joking Avunculate For Hire*

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