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Re: Digest Subscription WAS Screwup

>Why on earth did my subscription to the AT-L Digest suddenly end 
>without any
>commands from me and individual messages start up?  Now I have about a
>hundred AT-L messages to contend with.  Should I resubscribe to the 
> Unsubscribe to the maillist?

There have been some "upgrades" to the list operation recently.
Some of the changes have had unintended consequences, one
of which you've discovered :-)

Having said that, keep in mind that this is a _volunteer_ operation,
and that we are in Ryan's debt for providing this rescource.

To answer your other question:  yes, you need to tell the listserver
you want to receive the digest.  Send a message to
(take _careful_ note of the address) with the command 'set AT-L mail
(without the quotes) in the body of the message.  That ought to do it.
No need to unsubscribe.

The listserver is an obedient machine and awaits your command :-)

listserve weenie

who had over eight hundred(!) email messages
waiting upon returning from vacaton