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Re: [AT-L] Home Page for Thru-hikers

Dan Bruce wrote:
> Hi, folks!
> Haven't been able to participate much lately, spending day and night
> working on the new home page that the Center will have in operation
> around January 1st. The structure and navigation are about complete, so
> I'll give you a little preview of what the page will contain (we'll put it
> online in about a week or so, so that you can give us feedback). It's
> going to be a big page ... already it has more than a thousand files, and
> it is designed to serve the needs of the entire spectrum of thru-hikers,
> from the people that are dreaming about a thru-hike, that are planning a
> thru-hike, for those doing a thru-hike in '97, and those who have
> completed a thru-hike. Here's a brief outline of the page features. Let me
> know if you can think of a need we haven't met, we'll add it!
> 1. What's New? What's Up? ... with new features, announcements, recent
> Trail news, and a calendar of hiking events for 1997.
> 2. AT Forum ... with editorial, topic of the month, sub-forum on gear,
> food, women's topics, and trip reports (we'll also have a "For women only"
> mailing list)
> 3. Alumni News ... with newsletters from alumni thru-hikers, newsletters
> from hostel hosts, etc., an alumni directory of names and addresses, the
> Trail name directory, articles about thru-hikers, and the 2000-Milers
> Club.
> 4. Hiker Services ... shuttle information, Trail condition reports,
> partner want-ads, Handbook updates, speakers bureau, seminar schedule
> (ours
> and anyone elses), thru-hikers catalog (products by and for thru-hikers),
> job opportunities for thru-hikers, and links to other organizations and
> information resources.
> 5. Gear & Food ... with the results of our 1996 Gear Survey of more than
> 2500 long-distance hikers (you can go to any piece of gear and find out
> what thru-hikers said about it!), new gear previews and reviews, used gear
> for sale (you can post ads), directory of manufacturers (with search by
> gear category), and trail foods and recipess.
> 6. Magazine ... with articles, poetry, cartoons, photos, all about the AT
> and thru-hiking.
> 7. Planning Info ...FAQs about thru-hiking and the AT, planning
> publications, bibliography and reviews of nature guides, etc., special
> planning considerations (hiking with pets, diabetes, etc.), directory of
> thru-hikers in your area you can contact and who are willing to talk to
> you about the AT and thru-hiking, glossary of Trail terms.
> 8. Volunteer Opportunities ... dozens of ways you can use your hiking
> expereineces and experience to help other hikers enjoy the AT.
> 9. News from the Class of '97 ... daily reports from 1997 thru-hikers,
> listed by shelter as they trek from Georgia to Maine of vice versa, plus
> the daily journals of several dozen '97 thru-hikers (anyone wishing to
> participate in this project can call the Center now at 704-622-7601).
> This is just a brief rundown of the page features. As you can see, it is
> very much a participatory page, and everyone in the AT hiking community is
> invited to participate to make this a great page. I'd like your feedback,
> and we hope that everyone will check out the page over the next few months
> as we head toward the grand opening on January 1, 1997.
> -- Wingfoot
> P.S. The address is http://trailplace.com (after November 1st). We're up
> now, but all you'll get is an old graphic that we used just so we could
> register the domain name.

I have contacted http://www.backpackers.com and Map Quest to see if 
either would consider doing a map of hiking trails and mark where
the Cyber cafes are.  I have not heard back from either one though.

I had a few hikers mention your book which I went to; looking for your
email address to be included in the next issue. This Cyber Bar is
only 2 miles from where the trail crosses Rte 7 in Sheffield, Ma.


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