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Re: [AT-L] General Survey and FAQ

Milt Webb wrote:
> Good morning!
> Well, here's a new one. I hope everyone doesn't get annoyed at me for the
> survey bit. I'd like to bounce another idea off the group.
> I maintain various FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) documents at work on
> our internal web servers and thought perhaps we could do one here as well.
> Seems like this topic came up last year but couldn't find any references
> in my saved mail.
> With the number of new members being added, and the '97 season
> approaching, we could start with a comprehensive survey of the current
> members. This would cover all the essentials, pack, tent, bag, stove,
> boots, etc. This would get the thing rolling.
> We could put Jim Loudon's excellent pack fitting article in there.
> References to other web pages containing thru-hiker experiences and
> journals. Lot's of things.
> This would be our FAQ, and could be updated and posted back to the list
> each month. I could also post it on my one of my web servers in HTML
> format. I'll bet the Frank and Victoria would even contribute <hint>.
> So what do you think? It would provide an excellent introduction to the
> list for new members as well as preserve some of the wonderful
> information each member is already providing.
> Send your comments to me direct, or to the list. I will monitor this for
> a couple of weeks before putting together a summary. If you didn't
> already notice, I'm volunteering to draft and maintain the first one.
> If you think it's a bad idea tell me that as well.
> One foot in front of the other...
> Milt
I think it is a great idea!
E. George Oeser (aka Needles)