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Re: Camera film

For the purposes of this discussion, let's assume you're
not trying to decorate your walls with mural-size prints
or land a National Geographic_cover :-) ...

I'm not familiar with the Superzoom, but if it's like most
other P&S-type cameras with a ~3x zoom, the lens is pretty
pretty slow, especially at the long end.  For all-around
use, look into using an ISO 400 speed film, if only to
minimize the effects of camera shake. The good news is
that the 400 speed print films from both Fuji and Kodak
are _very_ good.  IMHO, the difference between 200 and 400
print film borders on the insignificant.  For an
opinionated piece on film selection, try poking around at

FWIW, I keep a roll of 400 speed print film in my Action
Touch, and 50 speed slide film (mostly, anyway) in my SLRs.
Works for me...