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Pack Survey

Good morning all!

I'd like to get a quick surver of packs used by the ladies out there. My 
girlfriend, who is 5'3" would like to get a new pack. She's currently 
using an REI Rising Star which is a smallish internal frame pack. It has 
worked well but it's not easy to attach anything on the outside and is a 
bit small for all the junk she likes to carry.

She'd like to go something in the 4500-5000 cu. in. range that fits the
short female torso well. This won't be for extended trips mostly 1-2
nighters at 5-10 mpd. 

Thanks everyone - if you post to me direst I'll will summarize all of the 

 -Uncle Milt

			Milt Webb, IQ Software Corp.

		Some people drink from the fountain of life, 
			while others just rinse and spit.
			       -- anonymous