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Re: [AT-L] Sorbothane boot insoles

>I looked everywhere for Sorbothane insoles/inserts.  REI didn't have my size
>in the store.  The sports stores didn't carry it including Sportmart and the
>local small stores.  Help!  I guess I might need to actually order them from
>REI.  Where do you usually find them??

Regular shoe stores that carry Rockports, Clarks, or other more expensive
shoes usually carry them. (but not warehouse type shoe stores).  Also, most
of the chain sporting goods stores have them (Oshman's, Big 5 Sporting
Goods, etc.).  Running/Aerobics stores like the Footlocker almost always
have them.  And I've also had good luck at our local shoe repair store.
Whew, that's a lot of places to try! Good Luck,


Lew and Catherine Middaugh