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Port Clinton Hotel/Helen

In my traverse of Pennsylvania this week, I've crossed the AT several times 
and even got out of the car and hiked a piece in my blue-pinstripe suit and 
loafers. Recommend my Asolo's over the loafers!

Anyway, we stopped at the Port Clinton Hotel and hobnobbed with Helen. She 
is recovering from a knee replacement operation and seems to be getting 
along well. She is still trying to sell the place. She told me the price, 
and it seems cheap for an historic inn.  She showed me her registers dating 
back to 1969 and I recognized many hikers including Ed Garvey, Al Giger, and 
Jeff Hancock who hiked the trail then. I looked at the 96 class and 
recognized many trail names that I became familiar with thru Gutsy's 
journals, including Micro, Guiness, Letitbe, Crazy Toes, Polly and Esther, 
Skylark (whom I met in Fontana), Speedo,(whom I also met in Fontana), and 
many others. Sounds like they all had fun at the PC Motel drinking 
Yuengling. I had one and it tasted great. Checked out the Blue Blaze Hostel 
too, and of course, checked the journals. 

Helen told me to tell all of you thru hikers out there that she has really 
enjoyed your company over the years and will miss you all. She gives her 
best to everyone at the Gathering.

On to the Gathtering tomorrow!

Peter H. Fornof