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Re: [AT-L] Zamberlan Levante boots

In a message dated 96-10-10 07:23:05 EDT, you write:

<<   I sure hope I can break it is
 fairly good by the 19th as we are taking a few days off to go hiking then.
  Any quick break-in suggestions besides wearing them everywhere that I can.
  I'd wear them to work, but a woman in the office with dress clothes and
 hiking boots could cause some weird looks!  So I put them on the minute I
 home and wear them the rest of the day.
 IL Fltlndr >>

Instead of taking camp shoes with you, take a comfortable pair of sneakers
with socks to match.  Wear your boots half day and the sneakers the other
half.  If the boots get too much you can always wear the sneakers full time.