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Re: [AT-L] Looking for Friends and hiking partners in the area of Phil

You wrote: 
>> Oh, almost forgot.  Over the last couple of months I have noticed several
>> people posting who happen to be in the computer field.  I to am a
>> computer application programmer.  I was wondering if you can tell me
>> about your experiences and how you pull yourself away from technology.
>> It seems most of my hobbies relate to computer so much I find it hard to
>> get away from them to hike.  All you other please do not take this
>> inqury the wrong way.  I enjoy everyones chatter.

Take it from someone who has been hiking/camping for 40+ years, started doing 
trail work for 30+ years ago, started wiring card sorters 20+ years ago, and is 
now a CIO "pull yourself away from technology" gets easier the more you work at 
it and it is key to your sanity.

In the DC area, it seems that folk in the computer field are over represented 
among those doing trail work.  Might have something to do with instant results, 
a touch with reality, and filling a void for physical activity.  Good luck!