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Re: [AT-L] [AT-L] Cameras

Marshall DeBerry wrote:
> >Or maybe the question should simply be, if you are willing to put up > >with
> >the weight of an SLR how do you carry it? How about all the > >thru-hikers
> >that carried an SLR, how did it work out ? Would you do it again ?
> >
> >Sandy and Alison
> >"The Smiths"
> >ME to GA '97

When I take the 'big' camera, I usually carry my Nikon N90 body, a 21-35
zoom, and a 70-200 zoom.  One lens on the camera, the other in a sundog
lens pouch (from REI) on my hipbelt.  I clip the camera neck strap into
a carabiner on the haul loop of my pack, so it hangs from that over my
left shoulder, instead of having the weight on my neck or shoulder.  The
camera kinda 'catches' on the sundog pouch, so swinging isn't really a

On short trips I may take a 400 5.6 APO, if time will allow some more
serious shooting.  I carry this on my Gregory in a Gregory single pocket
that I lined with ensolite foam.  Quick access for this lens really
doesn't matter, since I must carry and use a tripod with it.  I just
strap the tripod on the exterior lash straps along with my ridgerest.

Film is light, (and as I have said before, cheap), so I carry plenty,
along with lens cleaners, polarizer filters, etc.  This goes in my top

Haven't done this on a thruhike, but has been awful good on week-long
section hikes.