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Looking for Friends and hiking partners in the area of Phil

> Hi All,
	Well, I have been having trouble connecting with the List, so
it is.

>      I am not new to this list, and then again I am not 
> old either.  I have been on this list for about 2 years now.  
> I have not said much, so you may not of heard or seen me.  So 
> I thought I better re-introduce myself.
>      My name is Graham Mehl.  I was a student working for my Masters
> degree in Computer Science until just three months ago.  I graduated and
> started working In The Philadelphia area, specifically Eddystone.  I have
> fallen in love with nature when I was age 10.  Now being 24, I have come
> a long way.  I enjoy hiking and especially backpacking.  I have done my
> fair share of backpacking trips.  However, since I was in college, 
> the number of trips I have done have declined significantly.
>      I have hiked the entire NJ portion of the AT and about 3/4 of the
> northern half of PA.  I have a life dream of hiking the entire trail some
> day.  Since I was not able to do much hiking, I started listening more
> and more to this list.  I have enjoyed everyones hiking journals and
> inquires.
>      Now that I have a lot of more free time I would like to get back
> into hiking again.  I was wondering if there was any one or group in The
> Philadelphia area that is interested in getting together to talk and/or
> do some hiking.
> Oh, almost forgot.  Over the last couple of months I have noticed several
> people posting who happen to be in the computer field.  I to am a
> computer application programmer.  I was wondering if you can tell me
> about your experiences and how you pull yourself away from technology.
> It seems most of my hobbies relate to computer so much I find it hard to
> get away from them to hike.  All you other please do not take this
> inqury the wrong way.  I enjoy everyones chatter.
> Graham Mehl                   		Aremos Programmer,
> 101 East Glenolden Avenue  Apt #112     800 Baldwin Tower
> Glenolden, Pa 19036           		Eddystone, Pa 19022
> E-mail: mehl@acm.org               	E-mail: mehl@wefa.com
> URL:    http://users.aol.com/gmehl6991/