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[AT-L] Cameras

>Or maybe the question should simply be, if you are willing to put up with 
>the weight of an SLR how do you carry it? How about all the thru-hikers 
>that carried an SLR, how did it work out ? Would you do it again ?
>Sandy and Alison
>"The Smiths"
>ME to GA '97

  I used and continue to use an Olympus Super Zoom 3000 for my hike from
Georgia to New Jersey/Connecticut.  It's been replaced by the 3500 model.
It has four lens ranges, from 38, 50, 80 and 110.  It's fairly lightweight,
weatherproof, and has a built in flash. I shoot Kodachrome 200 99% of the 
time, and have generally been pleased with the results.  There is some grain 
apparent at times, but the ease of use and lightness have made me a big fan 
of the point and shoot school of backpacking.  I used to use a Canon A-1, but
it can be a real hassle taking something like that with you on a long distance
hike.  The Olympus 3000 has also withstood a number of bumps and small drops,
and continues to function very well.  The pictures that I have on my web page 
were shot with my Olympus, if you want to get an idea of what it can do.  Note 
that these are gif images, not jpegs, so the quality does suffer.