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Catching up

Sorry if this is a repeat, but I have been having strange
problems with my mail today. If you responded to it would
you please resend your response. Also is anyone else getting
these messages about an email account being closed ?
Wow, you go out of town for a couple of weeks and come back
and have tons of AT-L mail. We are still tring to get caught
up. We just read the APS camera thread and have a question
regarding camera storage on the trail. If you saw our pack
lists you noticed an Olympus Infinity listed, well that camera
didn't survive Alisons' tests. Not that it is a bad camera, Alison
is just big time into photography, and the images from the camera
just didn't suit her. She is used to images from very good Nikon
equipment, but her N90s and fast Nikkors are just too heavy for the trail.
Next she tried a Canon ELPH APS camera, she ruled that
one out after several weeks of shooting because of the smaller
negative size (she likes to enlarge to 16 by 20 and you lose alot
of resolution at that size with the smaller APS negative, at 4 by 6
the APS was great). Plus she likes shooting slides and wants to shoot
them on our thru-hike and right now that eliminates the APS. Which 
gets us to the camera that we are going to take, about two or three
months ago Alison bought a Nikon N70 with one of the new light weight
Nikkor Lens, 28mm to 80mm , we have been using and abusing the camera since
and it has performed flawlessly, (with great pictures ) so over my
protests that is the one we are taking. (I wanted to carry the ELPH
because it is the lightest ). 
Now the storage problem, we are planning on carrying the camera inside a
Zing pouch, (made of neoprene, for padding ) and that inside an OR waterproof
stuff sack (small one) inside Alisons' terraplane. Has anyone tried this ?
Or maybe the question should simply be, if you are willing to put up with the
weight of an SLR how do you carry it? How about all the thru-hikers that carried
an SLR, how did it work out ? Would you do it again ?

Sandy and Alison
"The Smiths"
ME to GA '97