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Re: [AT-L] RE: [AT-L] Patch-o-rama!

Tony - 

> Thanks for your note about the AT-L patches.

no problem.

> I haven't received anything from the AT-L for a couple days. Do you suppose
> it is down again? I sense you're not receiving anything either--perhaps
> that's why you sent your message directly.

I sent that letter on Monday originally, but I don't think it went thru.
I am just now starting to see stuff appear from the list again. If it
was down, i think it might be working again now.
> My ISP has been giving me fits the last couple of days, so it would be a
> relief to know whether the AT-L is offline or my ISP is just losing all my
> mail.

I'm pretty sure it was the AT-L because I got a bunch of "it's fixed"
messages, then none at all for a few days. :) (i guess it really wasn't
fixed). =)

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