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I'm not sure if this got through to the list or not, so at the risk of
repeating myself, here I go again. :)

If you voted for a patch when there was only 2 patches on the web site,
you may want to go back and vote again - 3 patches have been added.

So far patch #1 and #5 are running neck-and-neck with #3 right behind.
If you haven't been there yet, get out and vote! I think I'll let the
voting continue until October 13th. 

The URL is http://www.geckoworld.com/~raven/patch.html. Please make sure
you have that last "l" on html or you won't get thru to the page (I
think at least one person had this problem). There isn't any link from
the rest of my page to the patch page, either (I didn't think it would
be fair to have random visitors to my page voting for a patch that
wouldn't even be for them). :)

Diana ^(raven)^ : http://www.geckoworld.com/~raven
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