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Re: [AT-L] Zamberlan Levante GT boots

>Just brought home a pair of Zamerlan Levante hiking boots. [snip]
>Any good "breaking in" advise, as this is my first all leather pair.  I hope
>to use them in about 2 weeks for a 4-5 day hike.

I bought a pair on sale a few months ago.  They also fit my amazingly wide
feet very well right out the box.  So far, I have been very happy with them
except that the rignt heel cup is extremely stiff, and seems a little
low-cut relative to the size of the boot (womens's 9).  I have blisters on
the upper edge of my heel after only a few hours, so I haven't put a lot of
big miles on them yet.

Also, mine are nubuck leather, and I messed up when applying the liquid
water-proofing.  The instructions say to thoroughly wet the leather before
applying the liquid.  Since I (in genius mode, here) thought that sounded
too goofy I didn't.  And of course, there are big patches now where the
treatment didn't penetrate.  So, I'm waiting for it to wear off and redo
the boots properly.


Lew and Catherine Middaugh