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Re: [AT-L] Favorite Shelter

In regards to the Moreland Gap shelter posting, for some of us who were
hiking in '94, Moreland Gap became a shorthand for "Had a really terrible
day hiking today."  So many of us wrote so many negative comments in
that shelter register, that whenever a group of us would complain about
something, someone was bound to write, "Geez, sounds like we're back
in Moreland Gap again.  The last time I saw a reference to Moreland Gap
was at Mashipacong Shelter in New Jersey!  I think the reason we were so 
annoyed is that if you look on the Trail profile for that section, it 
looks like a moderate ascent.  In reality, it was a sawtooth ascent, 
with each up seeming to be longer than the last.  Plus, when you did get 
to the shelter, you then had this wonderfully steep descent in front of 
the shelter to get water.  Not fun.