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{AT-L} Favorite Shelter

Favorite Shelter?  One where you can wake to a stunning sunrise from your perch on a high cliff.  To the east, your view overlooks a broad valley scattered with farms and ponds.  Clouds float by your vantage point, far above it all.  Below, hawks and turkey vultures lazily ride the thermals, ever watchful for movements in the woods below.  The only sounds you might hear are the wind in the trees, the water flowing in a nearby rill, and occasionally the sound of a cowbell, lifted to your ear by a random updraft.   That favorite spot is Riga Shelter, near Salisbury, Connecticut.

Favorite piece of trail?  It runs a flat, easy two miles from the dirt road trailhead to a silent, pristine mountain pond fringed with birch and evergreens.  This cheerful pond has a resident owl for evening sound effects, and a few bats to keep the mosquitos at bay.  When your day's hiking is done, and you've had your swim and finished your dinner, you can enjoy a perfect view of the Milky Way spread above you, before you turn in.   This favorite place?  Little Rock Pond, near Danby, Vermont.