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Re: [AT-L] Re: [AT-L] Re: SAT and the AT

Did I miss the hotels on the AT that were nice enough to have bell hops???

>Here's a good one for a math person...
>3 thru hikers check into a hotel.  The room costs $30, each hiker gave the
>$10.  The clerk discovers that the room was actually only $25, so he
>gives the bellhop 5 one dollar bills to return to the hikers.  The bell
>hop can't figure out how to split the 5 bills evenly, so he keeps 2 of
>the dollar bills ($2) and return three dollars to the weary hikers.  (one
>dollar to each hiker)
>This means each hiker has paid only $9 ($10 - $1=$9)
>3 men x $9 = $27
>bellhop kept $2
>$27 + $2 = $29
>What happened to the other dollar ????????????????
>P.S.  I don't know either and it is making me crazy ........