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Re: [AT-L] SAT and the AT

Hi All,
I'll introduce myself first. My husband and I got interested in backpacking
about 22 years ago, then moved to a farm less people intensive than most
places nearby that we could reach by backpacking so we stayed at home.

We recently visited Grayson Highlands and Whitetop Mtn in Virgina and the
trail beckoned. We decided to get in shape and start hiking/backpacking.

I've really enjoyed the list postings and was much intrigued by the question
of how far Juanita walked in 10 hours. The answer is 24. You can guess
between 20-30 because 10 hours of walking at 2 mph is 20 and 10 at 3 mph is
30. Using x as the one-way distance, use the following formula: x/2 + x/3=10.
Using lowest common denominator, 3x/6 + 2x/6=10. Then you have 5x/6=10 then
5x=60. x=12, which is the one-way distance. 

So the total is 24 miles in 10 hours, which you can check by noting that12
miles at 2 mph is 6 hours and 12 miles at 3 mph is 4 hours for a total of 10

Hope this helps with the SATS, Christina!