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School vs. AT

OK - first, let me announce that I got rid of the old clunker 
'psychotherapy hotline' signature, I know it was big and I was feeling 
guilty about the bandwidth thing for a while (I also changed schools, 
even though I am keeping this e-mail account).

Now I know there is some talk on the list about taking the SATs and the 
value of going to college vs. thru-hiking the Appalachian Trail.  After I 
graduated from undergrad I was thinking about both, and finally decided 
on going to grad school.  After my first official week of grad school, I 
would like to present to you my

*Top 10 reasons why hiking the Appalachian Trail is better than going to 

10) 1 PhD takes the same time as 14 thru-hikes, and people are more 
    impressed by a thru-hike

9) Student housing smaller and more expensive than 2 person backpacking tent

8) Ramen noodles tastier (and probably healthier) than that stuff they are 
   serving in the cafeteria

7) You think a pack with 10 days of food is heavy?  Try carrying intro 
   Bio texts!

6) My MSR Whisperlight cooks faster than that relic of a stove that comes 
   with my apartment

5) Hard getting to sleep in a shelter full of Boy Scouts?  Try living 
   next to a fraternity house

4) 1 year tuition same $$ as 45 Dana packs, and you can't carry anything 
   in your degree!!

3) Never knew anybody who pulled an all-nighter studying for tomorrow's hike

2) Mail drops more reliable for next meal than student loan check

*And the number one reason why thru-hiking the Appalachian Trial is 
better than school (drum roll)*

1) The AT ends!!
Jeffrey Mosenkis         MAPSS Student          University of Chicago
              *Freelance Joking Avunculate For Hire*

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