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Re: [AT-L] Favorite shelter

Robert J. Davis wrote:
> Okay everyone. How bout this? What's your favorite shelter and why. Or
> your favorite stretch of trail...?
> FelixSun 6th Oct. - Sorry Felix, don't think I can give a positive answer to 
either! Could my favorite shelter be the one that had that great new 
roof the night of such a fierce storm?  Was it the first one I was in 
that didn't have any shelter mice (just a resident black rat snake)?  
Was it the one the one the Chic-a-dees came into and woke me with a 
morning serenad?  Or was it the one with such a beautiful sunrise or 
sunset?  I'll disqualify myself - I don't know what my favarite was.

And I guess my favorite section of the A.T.  will fall under the same 
lack of certainty.  For sure many sections of the trail wo8uld not be 
finalist but each state I've hiked have presented sections of great 
beauty.  I guess that I'm just not capable of being a judge!

It will be interesting to read the response of others that will pick 
their favorites.   

GOOD QUESTION.   -"tumbleweed"-