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Favorite Shelter/Stretch of Trail

Well, maybe I'm not qualified to vote as I haven't done the whole thing, but 
I have stayed in a few shelters over the years and my all-time favorite is 
the one in Rausch Gap (St. Anthony's Wilderness), Pa. It was new when I 
stayed there back in the 70's, had running water right beside the shelter, 
and a table with a tree growing through the middle of it. Plenty of places 
to sit, and I had some great times there with good friends. 

As far as a favorite stretch goes-----that's tough. As far as scenic beauty, 
I've got to say either the Whites or the Smokies-they're much different, but 
both areas provide an almost mystical experience for me. Tie. (I've never 
been to Katahdin, so maybe it would blow these two places away)

As far as the stretch dearest to me? It has to be the stretch from Elkwallow 
Wayside to Hogback Mtn. in Shenandoah N.P. This was the first section I ever 
hiked at the suggestion of a thru-hiker I met at Matthews Arm Campground 
back in 1974. It was my first time on the Trail, and I was absolutely 
captivated. It was a magical time. 

I'm saving Katahdin for last. Won't do it until I either thru-hike or 
section hike the whole thing. Maybe it will replace the other places in the 

Peter H. Fornof