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Re: [AT-L] Fall Hike In The GSMNP (Change in Direction)

Wayne wrote: 

>>	Well, those who said it was hard to get the shelter location you 
>>wanted on an October weekend were right.  

This doesn't suprise me. Has happened to me numerous times. LeConte is 
extremely popular and in leaf season, it's bezerk. Hey, Marty (Gypsy) 
Manzano told me that she got into LeConte Shelter with no sweat!

>>1)	Does anyone on this list have experence with these trails?  What can 
>>	we expect (should we look out for) on this hike?

Been on them. Nice hike. Quite a few ups and downs, but you will enjoy. 
Classic Smokies terrain.

>>2)	What about the Mt. Collins shelter?  What should we expect?

Oh, the shelter will be overcrowded, as usual. Many people don't make 
reservations and just hike to this shelter for an overnight from Newfound 
Gap. Get there early and claim your space as your reservations mean nothing 
to squatters who have taken your space. Rangers are usually non-existent, so 
you have no authorities to enforce the reservation system. There is a 
composting privy there. Water is a little ways down the Sugarlands Trail and 
flows year around. Typical stone Smokies shelter with fireplace, wooden 
bunks, mice, bear fence, and trashed fire ring/grate in front of the 
shelter. Very overused place. However, the area around the shelter is very 

>>3)	Once we get to 441, it looks like there is a dirt road which runs
>>	near 441 to the Old Sugarlands Trail.  Is this a good way to get to
>>	Gatlinburg?

Never been on it. I just hiked down the road. Fun breathing exhaust fumes, 
but I did beat several Winnebagos down. We were trying to hitch, but had no 

Peter H. Fornof