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Fall Hike In The GSMNP (Change in Direction)

I've been having problems with my online service.  They keep droping all my 
outgoing mail.  I don't know if this post made it to the AT-L or not, so 
I'm reposting.  Ryan and I need some feedback on our new hiking plans from 
those with experence in this area of the GSMNP.
Wayne & Ryan Brown

>Date:	Wed, 02 Oct 1996 21:07:51
>From:	Wayne Brown <WayneBrown@gnn.com>
>To:	at-l@patsy.hack.net
>Subject:	Re: Fall Hike In The GSMNP (Change in Direction)
>	Well, those who said it was hard to get the shelter location you 
>wanted on an October weekend were right.  As you may recall.  My son and I 

>have been planing a hike in the GSMNP for the weekend of October 19.  We 
>wanted to hike up to Mt. Lecont and them down to Gatlinburg.  I started 
>calling at 8am on September 18.  Got an automated reply system.  Called 
>again at 8:02am.  Line Busy!  I then started redialing and receiving a
> busy 
>until 8:55am.  Once I got to talk to a real live human, I was told that
> Mt. 
>Lecont shelter filled up at 8:05 that morning.
>	With that bit of bad news, the search was on to find another trail to 

>hike.  The park service rep was very helpful.  I explained that my son and 

>I were looking for a half-day hike to a shelter or campsite, with a full 
>day hike on Saturday back to Gatlinburg.  He looked over his map and 
>checked the reservatons, and found he could fit us into Mt. Collins.
>	Now we have a new hiking route.  We plan to start about noon at 
>Newfound Gap.  We will hike up the AT for 4.3 miles, to the Sugarland 
>Mountain Trail.  From there we will hike 1/2 mile to the Mt. Collins 
>shelter.  After a good nights sleep, we will depart early on the morning
> of 
>Saturday, October 19.  We will hike down Sugarland Mountain Trail for 8.5 
>miles, to Huskey Gap Trail.  From there we will hike 2 miles to 441, then 
>hike a few more miles into Gatlinburg.
>	The book that many on this list recomended, "Hiking Trails of the 
>Smokies" has been a great deal of help in planing our trip.  Based on the 
>book, it looks like we have a 1000 foot rise over 4.3 miles of trail on 
>Friday afternoon, followed by a 200 foot drop over 1/2 mile to the
> shelter. 
>We plan to start at noon and arive at the shelter by 6:30pm.  On Saturday, 
>we will drop 2200 feet over 8.5 miles to Huskey Gap.  From there we will 
>drop another 1600 feet over two miles to 441.  Looks like an all Down-Hill 
>	Given our new plans, I want to get the input of those on this list 
>who have hiked these trails.
>1)	Does anyone on this list have experence with these trails?  What can 
>	we expect (should we look out for) on this hike?
>2)	What about the Mt. Collins shelter?  What should we expect?
>3)	Once we get to 441, it looks like there is a dirt road which runs
>	near 441 to the Old Sugarlands Trail.  Is this a good way to get to
>	Gatlinburg?
>Thanks to all,
>Wayne Brown (and Ryan)