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Tent Floor Waterproofing

Nancy wrote:  <<I have wondered if anyone has ever used a spray
waterproofer on the bottom of a tent before?  I would hate to completely ruin

I just had the same problem with my tent after about 1-1/2 yrs; I bought a
product called "recoat 3" by Kenyon.  I got it at EMS, and 10 oz cost $10.
 You paint it on with a brush (in a well ventilated area).  It took me 1 1\2
jars to paint 2 coats on the floor of the tent and the underside of the fly.
 I'm tenting out at the Gathering (hope there's no rain), and in the Smokies
the following week (good chance I'll see rain).  I'll let you know how it
works.  It's a water based formula and the cleanup is real easy.

Marty (Gypsy)