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Re: [AT-L] The Gathering

Peter H. Fornof wrote:
> What happened to the patch idea? Haven't seen anything on it. Guess it's too
> late for the Gathering. It was suggested earlier, that those of us going to
> the Gathering identify ourselves by putting at-l on our name tags? Do they
> give out name tags at the Gathering? If they do, I'll do it. Look forward to
> seeing you all there.
> Peter H. Fornof
> athiker@plantnet.com
> broknspoke@aol.com

We are still working on it and there are a couple of great designs on a
web page right now that you can vote for so that you have a say as to
what the AT-L patch looks like! go to
http://www.geckoworld.com/~raven/patch.html and vote for the patch that
you like.

E. George Oeser (aka Needles)