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Re: LNT...Help!

Charlie Thorpe wrote:
> A while back I posted a series of postings related to the "Leave No Trace"
> How can I boil the message down to a level that folks would be willing to
> glance through?  
> Let me know what you think.  Thanks!
Hi Charlie
In the military, Long Range Reconnaissance Patrols have used LNT
for years. The reasons may be different, but the mindset should be the
Whenever you travel through an area you should have such a minimal
impact on
that area that even the indiginous folks won't be able to notice that
you were
I don't think that systems or sets of rules will work, but the
discipline of 
ensuring that you aren't noticed needs to be practiced.
LNT = don't track me, don't find me, don't even know I'm there.
Not just leave no trace, but "have" no trace.

I think however that this is idealism. I don't really always practice
It depends upon the area I'm hiking in and the time of the year and my
personal needs. But, every effort helps.