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re: Gaz canisters

i was just at the outdoor retailer trade show in august, and spoke to a rep
at Gaz.  the Gaz company itself does not "recycle" (ie melt down and reuse)
the canisters.  they are promoting a new unit that REFILLS the old canister.
(this may be only for the newer type cannisters that are self sealing so you
can interchange components once you've pierced it the first time.  i don't
know if this applies to the older type where once you've pierced it, you
have to leave it attached until you use it up.)  

they are trying to sell this unit to retailers.  REI has been buying them,
but i'm not sure how many stores have them.  so when you use up a canister,
take it to a retailer with one of these units, and have them refill it for
you.  much better than trying to "recycle" the whole canister.  if your
local shop sells the canisters but doesn't have the refill unit, make a
point of it.  if enough people do so, they may buy one, and the planet will
thank you.

for those of you thruhiking with them and can't refill them, think about
packaging them up and sending them back to Gaz.  i know they DO NOT have an
official "reuse" program, but, again, if they receive enough, they may get
the point eventually.  (sandy and alison - i don't think primus is doing
anything about recycling their canisters, but i could be wrong.  they might
get the point after five or six months of receiving canisters from you
guys!)  i don't know what coleman/peak 1 does either.

i've recently become a fan of these isobutane stoves, but the canister issue
has always bothered me.  if all the users start demanding a solution, the
manufacturers will start to listen.

juz doin' my part, thanks for lisnen...

ke kaahawe


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