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Hello All -

A while back I posted a series of postings related to the "Leave No Trace"
(LNT) minimum impact backcountry use program.  I am very interested in
getting some opinions from the list on how to spiff up my personal
presentation of the LNT philosophy.

I enjoy spreading the word about LNT and am a little concerned that the
subject is a little too complex for me to present easily.  IMHO, the case
for LNT is very logical and is well documented by current research.  The
very flexibility that I love so much (way of thinking instead of a set of
rules), means that a LOT of presentation of background thinking has to be
done to support the simplest of guidelines.

Case in point -

I just looked over the series of LNT messages that I posted here as part of
a campfire-use thread:

Scouting Out LNT
LNT - answering mail
LNT - medium rare
LNT - medium well

Whew!  That's a LOT of stuff for anybody to wade through...and I didn't
even get into all of the argument that supports no/low use of campfires in
much of our backcountry.  Imagine how lengthy things could get when you
toss in all the pro/con discussion on the many other LNT related
backcountry use issues (human waste, social impacts, picking up pretties,

How can I boil the message down to a level that folks would be willing to
glance through?  This is more than an idle question for me - I do LNT
presentations that range in time from an entire weekend to a 20-30 minute
quick overview.  An hour is a common time slot to be given on someone
else's training schedule...and I HAVE spent an entire week in very
productive LNT debate!

I am off for a weekend of training (Scout Wood Badge - not a lot of direct
LNT training...but I DO have a chance to get in a little here and there
<g>).  Next weekend a fellow LNT trainer and I are driving up to Missouri
to introduce LNT to a flock of folks (200-500 youth/adults, depending on
who is doing the estimating <g>).

I am hoping that the very diverse bunch of backcountry users on AT-L can
provide me with some valuable input.  Pubic or private is fine with me <g>.

Let me know what you think.  Thanks!

y'all come,
            Charlie II

charlie2@ro.com    Huntsville,Al